Women and Power

I recently spoke to a group of women about overcoming challenges many of us face.⠀

We struggle with finding our voice, being heard, and communicating our success in a comfortable way.⠀

This particular group raised concerns about power. Meaning, many expressed frustration with feeling powerless.⠀

The first thing I wrote on the board was a $ sign because money is an example of power, however, we have to be careful how we use it.⠀

Women make and hold over 80% of purchasing decisions.

Ladies, that is POWER!⠀

It’s a big responsibility to have that kind of power and although you have it, it doesn’t mean you’re using it to its full potential.⠀

Imagine if we, as women, understood that we HAVE this power in the first place.

Imagine if we, as women, used that purchasing power and made educated and responsible decisions about WHERE and HOW we spent that money.⠀

Imagine if we, as women, spent that money supporting other women.⠀

The first step in finding power is realizing you have it.⠀

The second step is using it to your advantage in a positive and productive way.

This, my friends, is how we embrace our power and realize the success we’re working so hard to achieve. Whether it’s money, confidence, knowledge, experience, take time to realize you have it…and use it to create exactly what it is that you want to achieve.⠀