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Professional Development

Immersive workshops designed to increase confidence and support your growth as a leader.

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A Workshop Series that Supports Success

Kri Edholm takes a holistic approach to your growth as a leader in this 4-part interactive learning experience. Enroll in courses individually or contact Kri to schedule the next private growth experience for your team.

CARE-Based Goals

Learn Kri Edholm's signature approach for building accountability, inspiring others, and actively creating opportunity for yourself.

Personal Branding

Gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what drives you, and design messaging that fuels your passions and shines you in your best light.

Discipline & Boundaries

Take a disciplined approach to accomplishing your goals by adopting consistency and maintaining boundaries by learning how to say no.

Overcoming Challenges

Possess the tools necessary to navigate challenges, have difficult conversations, and embrace an opportunity for growth in the face of difficulty.

kri edholm las vegas professional development workshops

Become a Confident Leader

"When you have a firm understanding of who you are, what's important to you, and have the appropriate tools to navigate through difficult moments, you will have the confidence it takes to get exactly what you want and deserve."

  • - Kri Edholm
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