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Taking Action

Getting started and taking action are two of the biggest challenges that stand in the way of personal or professional growth. Listen in as Kri pulls from her experience as a corporate executive, search and rescue volunteer, and entrepreneur to deliver insight and tools that will leave your audience ready to accomplish anything.

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Kri Edholm captivates audiences with her unique story, relatable delivery, and shares tips and tools for living your best life.

Rescuing Yourself and Finding the Courage to Keep Going

A motivational talk about pitfalls, successes, and how to find the courage to continue moving forward

Kri incorporates her personal story that includes her time climbing the corporate ladder in the technology industry where she was often the lone female, her experience working as an EMT and mountain rescue volunteer with one of the busiest search and rescue units in the world, and how she finds the courage to move forward in the face of challenge as an entrepreneur. A riveting talk that will leave attendees feeling as if they can accomplish anything.

Living with intention and getting exactly what you want
Learn practical tools for defining, communicating, and executing on living the life you want and deserve

The rubber meets the road in this talk as Kri shares insight and tools for accomplishing whatever it is that you want in this life. Whether its personal or professional growth, attendees learn how to clearly communicate their intentions, set boundaries, and take action in a way that fosters support from the people around them. Attendees will learn Kri's signature methods for living a life with intent, accomplishing goals that you care about, and having the time to enjoy and celebrate.

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