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Entrepreneur in Action

To challenge yourself is to grow. I work with individuals and groups of all sizes and backgrounds with one common goal in mind: to be better. Learn about the businesses I've built from the ground up and how we can work together on your personal or professional growth.

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KRICO Productions

Full-service video and podcast studio. We help bring your story to life. Explore our online learning opportunities.

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Leadership Excursion Co.

Home of HorsePower Mastermind, leadership training with horses, outdoor team building experiences, and custom retreats.

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Spark Women's Retreat

Premier experiences for women with a focus on personal growth, outdoor adventure, travel, and community.

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About Kri

"I want to live a life that's full of purpose and life-long learning. Before working on any initiative, my litmus is to ask 'why'? My mission is to make a difference in everything I do and by asking that simple question, I can easily decide whether or not I'm on my intended path." - Kri Edholm

In 2016, I left my corporate career of 20 years and built a successful business with my passions at the core of everything I do. Today, I help business owners and entrepreneurs thrive in business and life, work with teams to improve the way they communicate and work together, support my passion to see more women in leadership roles, and do everything I can to educate and inspire leaders of all ages.

Working with me is an opportunity to take advantage of my unique background and experience. Let's get started today and make a difference, together.

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Giving Back

I am honored to have served my community as an EMT and mountain rescue volunteer with the Las Vegas Metro Search and Rescue Unit. A highlight of my life.

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